de novo annotation of plants genome


any suggestion of tool for annotation of plant genome ? data I have is of plant for which no prior genome/annotation is available. I did the denovo assembly and now I want to perform annotation. suggestion would be appreciated





  • Maker and or Maker P is good. You can predict genes de novo without prior info .... and or use protein to genome mappings as well.
  • if you have de novo transcripts eg from RNA-seq you can use these in Maker and or in GMAP with GFF3 output

Hello Hafiz,

We have developed a gene annotator called FINDER which can annotate eukaryotic genomes using short-read RNA-Seq reads and protein sequences. It is completely automated and requires no manual intervention. FINDER also runs BRAKER to incorporate predicted genes in the repertoire. You can access the paper from FINDER and the software from here GitHub.

Thank you.

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