Data Scientist - 92177
Organization: JG-Joint Genome Institute

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s (LBNL, Joint Genome Institute (JGI, Division has an opening for a Data Scientist to join the team.

The Data Scientist will work in close partnerships across JGI to predict and validate secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters that will allow us to refine our methods for biosynthetic pathway prediction and characterization. The successful candidate will also work with the Secondary Metabolites Group and with the Data Science & Informatics group (DSI) to develop and refine a new data portal for biosynthetic gene cluster analysis into a world-leading resource for the natural products’ scientific community.

What You Will Do:
• Design, lead and conduct computational approaches for investigating the biosynthesis of novel secondary metabolites.
• Develop optimized workflows for large-scale computational prediction of biosynthetic gene clusters from a variety of inputs – draft and isolate genomes, metagenomes, from a variety of potential hosts (bacteria, plant, fungi).
• Participate in and help guide development of a new community-focused secondary metabolism data portal. Develop software for its data access and visualization and communicate with the data portal’s scientific user community.
• Develop and deploy advanced algorithms and benchmark existing algorithms. Deploy software and tools across multiple computing venues, inclu ...

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