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I begin to use ComplexHeatmap to plot the dymamic change of values across different development stages in R.

  1. I started from two dataframe, for example df_1 and df_2, I merged them into df_3 (df_3 <- rbind(df_1, df_2). I have plot Heatmap on df_3, but I want the heatmap to be able to split by data from df_1 and df_2.

    So My first question is: Is it possible to cluster the heatmap myself?

  2. from the plot of df_3, I saw the dynamic change of values, some are increased as: stage1<stage2<stage3<stage4; some are static: stage1=stage2=stage3=stage4, some are are increase first but drop at later stage: ie stage1<stage2>stage3>stage4 and so on.

    My second question is: Is there any way to extract the information (row# in df_3) of these subcluster, so I can know which
    genes belong to which category?

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