The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything in our lives from our lifestyle to our social life, from our outlook towards life to even how we perceive things in life. And now vaccination against the virus has also become an important feature in our lives.

Experts say that vaccination, social distancing, and putting on masks are the only effective ways to control the virus. 

And now a very funny matrimonial ad is going viral that proves how our perception towards life has completely changed after the COVID-19 pandemic. In the matrimonial ad doing rounds on social media, a woman has demanded a groom who has been administered both doses of the Covishield vaccine.

This clip appeared on a newspaper's matrimonial column on June 4, 2021, wherein the self-employed Roman Catholic woman sought marriage with a person of her own religion, but put up an additional condition. She also wrote that she has already received both doses of the Covishield vaccine and is now on the hunt for a potential groom who has been vaccinated against the same.

In a tweet, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor shared the picture and wrote, "Vaccinated bride seeks vaccinated groom! No doubt the preferred marriage gift will be a booster shot!? Is this going to be our New Normal?"

The clip of this matrimonial advertisement has gone viral on social media and many reacted with comments on Tharoor's post.

She is looking for a post-graduate, patient, humourous, independent groom who has received both the jabs of Covishield. 

Who knew getting vaccinated could also become legit criteria for those who are looking to get married. So, is this going to be our new normal? Netizens surely seem to believe so. 

One user wrote, "Ha Ha Ha !! COVID Vaccines finally enter the Matrimonials space! Perhaps the next one will be - "COVID recovered and Antibodies developed bride wants similarly protected groom," while another sarcastically commented, "Now vaccination is compulsory along with Caste & Religion."

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