There are a host of questions that are arising around the coronavirus vaccines that have been recently approved across the globe. Here are some of the questions answered.

Can the vaccine make me sick with Covid-19?


None of the authorised/recommended vaccines contain the live virus that causes Covid-19

After vaccination, will I test positive for Covid-19 on a viral test?


None of the authorised/ recommended vaccines* can cause positive viral tests, used to detect current infections

Will the vaccine alter my DNA?


The Covid-19 messenger RNA vaccines do not change or interact with the DNA in any way mRNA vaccines teach cells to make proteins that trigger an immune response, but never enter the cell nucleus, where the DNA is kept

Does the vaccine protect me from getting sick with Covid-19?


The vaccine teaches the immune system to recognise/fight the virus that causes Covid-19, Vaccines currently available have effectiveness range from 60 to 95%. Experts are still collecting data on the effects of the vaccines.

If I recovered from Covid-19, do I still need a vaccine?


There are severe health risks associated with Covid-19, and reinfection is possible


  •  After vaccination, the body takes a few weeks to build immunity
  • May cause symptoms (like fever), a normal sign that the body is building protection against the Covid-19 virus.
  • It is possible a person can be infected with the virus just before or just after vaccination and still get sick
  • This is because vaccine has not had enough time to provide protection

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