Are you okay with becoming Transhuman?

“Evil won’t come out and tell you it’s evil, it takes discernment to spot a wolf among sheep.” – Unknown

If it were negative 10 degrees outside, would you go outside? What about negative 20 or negative 30 degrees? My guess is, probably not, you’d freeze. If negative temperatures are too much for the outside of your body, wouldn’t that mean they’d be too much for inside the body?  

These questions come up after seeing a viral video on twitter of the Covid-19 vaccines being wheeled into a hospital in a large cooler. The vaccines are said to be held at temperatures far  less than negative 30 degrees. What could possibly be in these vaccines for them to need to be held at such temperatures? Though an even more pertinent question(s) is how are we seeing a vaccine for Covid-19 nine months after the start of the pandemic? It takes years for the FDA to give approval on normal vaccines even then, they contain elements which should not be injected into the human body (i.e. formaldehyde, aluminium, and thimerosal — to name a few). 

In the video since taken down/censored on Youtube, Dr. Carrie Madej explains a few of the key components/elements contained within this hastily developed vaccine. In the first 30 seconds, Dr. Madej breaks down that Transhumanism is combining humans as we currently are and becoming one with artificial intelligence, comparing it to the movie, The Matrix. Moving along, Dr. Madej goes into some of the components of the vaccine. 

After investigating the pros and cons of the vaccine, Dr. Madej was frightened. The vaccines are composed of modified DNA and RNA. Which means receiving this vaccine will change a person’s DNA/RNA as well. This vaccine has the potential to alter a person’s genome and turn them into, in simple terms, a GMO. “This is something very different. This is something brand new. This is something completely experimental on the human race,” Dr. Madej goes on to say. How is this not alarming? Black people are all too familiar with being test subjects. 

Along with the DNA/RNA modifying vaccine is a component called Hydrogel, which would include an enzyme called “Luciferase” (Hint — Lucifer) and the DNA/RNA changing vaccine. She tells us that hydrogel is an invention by DARPA. It is basically nanotechnology that can disassemble/reassemble into different things. Because it is nanotech, it will have the ability to connect to the internet/cloud, hence the combination of humans and technology, where Transhumanism begins. Next is Luciferase, which is a bioluminescence enzyme which will be under the skin. This means that under a certain type of light, the vaccination will be seeable. Dr. Madej breaks down that this is a way for them (Government, vaccine industry) to make sure people have been vaccinated.

Near the end of the video, Dr. Madej urges everyone to do their own independent research on the vaccine as well as the powerful people connected to the vaccines (i.e Bill & Melinda Gates). With the vaccine currently being distributed, I also encourage everyone to do their own research as well as watch the video of Dr. Madej as she breaks down the vaccine, as there is more information there that didn’t make this article (The video can now be found on a video website alternative to Youtube called Bitchute). 

Readers should inform themselves of MRC-5 cells and the ties it may have to this new vaccine, since Dr. Madej has said the vaccine contains DNA/RNA changing elements. Readers should also familiarize themselves with the “iatrogenic reactions,” which can be caused by multiple compounds or drugs interacting with each other. 

This is important, life-changing information and should be shared with everyone. Links are provided below to help get you started on research. 

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