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I am attempting to use the af-dist bcftools plugin to detect potential strand issues using the instructions found here:

My script:

bcftools annotate -c INFO/AF -a af.vcf.gz DAC14_chr1_hg38_nonduplicates_fix.vcf.gz | bcftools +af-dist | grep ^PROB > DAC14_chr1_hg38_nonduplicates_fix.dist.txt

Error received:

Failed to open DAC14_chr1_hg38_nonduplicates_fix.vcf.gz: could not load index

I checked to confirm that my data is there and it is the correct vcf.gz filetype needed:

FILTER=<ID=PASS,Description="All filters passed">

What's going wrong here? Tried to search, but no luck... Thank you.

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