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I want to perform a regression to check the correlation between two phenotypes. Both phenotypes are age-dependent, so I need to correct for this.

There is one problem, however: the two phenotypes were not recorded at the same time and I don't have data available for the same age per individual. Also, the time span between the two records differs between individuals.

Basically, I have the following data:

  • phenotype A
  • age when phenotype A was recorded
  • phenotype B
  • age when phenotype B was recorded

And I want to perform regression of phenotype A on phenotype B, while correcting for age.
I'm a bit unsure how to go about this.

My thought was, maybe I should regress phenotype B on 'age when phenotype B was recorded' first, then use those residuals in the regression while correcting for 'age when phenotype A was recorded'. Would this be a correct way to go about this?

I appreciate any input!


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