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We have obtained data from the European Genome-Phenome Archive, and the said data has been provided in .tsv format. In the summary of the dataset, they claim that this is a sequence file, so I am assuming that these could be indexed bam files. I would like to know whether there is a way to convert it to bam, so that I can go ahead and identify variants from the same?

Below is a sample of the file

locus ploidy chromosome begin end zygosity varType reference allele1Seq allele2Seq allele1VarScoreVAF allele2VarScoreVAF allele1VarScoreEAF allele2VarScoreEAF allele1VarQuality allele2VarQuality allele1HapLink allele2HapLink allele1XRef allele2XRef evidenceIntervalId allele1ReadCount allele2ReadCount referenceAlleleReadCount totalReadCount allele1Gene allele2Gene pfam miRBaseId repeatMasker segDupOverlap relativeCoverageDiploid calledPloidy relativeCoverageNondiploid calledLevel

1 2 chr1 0 7000 no-call no-ref = ? ?

2 2 chr1 7000 9083 no-call complex = ? ?

                             1.23 N 1.12 1.003

3 2 chr1 9083 11050 hom ref = = =

                              1.23 N 1.12 1.003

Please note that each space indicates a single column. Also, the second lines of the second and third sections are indented towards the right.

Thanks in advance

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