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Hi everyone,

I have a table like this

A   B   2.9711e-01  6.8662e-10  2/2048
A   C   2.3343e-03  0.0000e+00  1861/2048
A   D   2.9711e-01  6.8666e-10  2/2048
A   E   2.9711e-01  6.8658e-10  2/2048

I would like to convert column 5 into the decimal value, such as

    A   B   2.9711e-01  6.8662e-10  0,0009765625
    A   C   2.3343e-03  0.0000e+00  0,90869140625
    A   D   2.9711e-01  6.8666e-10  0,0009765625
    A   E   2.9711e-01  6.8658e-10  0,0009765625

Could someone help me out?


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