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Current Issue: I installed Python 3.9 but Python 3.8 is still being used. How do I delete Python 3.8?

I want to download SimLoRD on Ubuntu 18.04, as a fresh platform for exclusively this task. First thing is to download Anaconda, which is installed, and then Bioconda.

In Linux Terminal, bash:

conda install -c bioconda simlord
conda: command not found

I had tried creating a separate environment:

conda create --name myenvironment simlord
conda: command not found

I've had this Unsatisfiable Error response now:

Linux Terminal

Windows Terminal

Reading the Linux Terminal message, I think it wants me to be either on Python 2.7 or Python 3.9. I am on Python 3.8.

I followed this tutorial and installed Python 3.9:

Linux Terminal using Python 3.8 but saying I have Python 3.9

I've been stuck on this for a few days. Feel like I've tried everything ūüôĀ






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Please use conda to install bioinformatics software. You will save on asking a lot of questions. Use conda part of the tutorial: Creating workflows with snakemake and conda

Then it can be as simple as:

conda create -n ea-utils ea-utils
conda activate ea-utils

BTW: Why do you want to specifically use ea-utils? It is older software and there may be other more current options that you can/should use instead.

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