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Following this tutorial and two installation steps, I want to run SimLoRD.

On Ubuntu 18.04, using a Python 3.9 venv:

conda install -c bioconda simlord

Terminal output

I have tried this on Windows and Linux with different versions of Anaconda and Python without luck.

Suggested pip install simlord==1.0.4 via. Windows 10:

ERROR: Command errored out with exit status 1: python egg_info Check the logs for full command output.

Windows pip install error








Python 3.9 has few major changes and might not be supported. So maybe trying python version 3.6 might have luck. This is likely the issue in your case. There are several breaking changes with python 3.9/3.8.

conda create --name simlord_env python=3.6.5

Then activate the environment.

conda activate simlord_env

Now install simlord using the command;

conda install -c bioconda simlord

This way simlord command will be available whenever simlord_env is active in your terminal.

Please use conda to install bioinformatics software. You will save on asking a lot of questions. Use conda part of the tutorial: Creating workflows with snakemake and conda

Then it can be as simple as:

conda create -n ea-utils ea-utils
conda activate ea-utils

BTW: Why do you want to specifically use ea-utils? It is older software and there may be other more current options that you can/should use instead.

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