Comparing two variant files


Hello all,

I have two compare two excel files containing variants in sample 1 and sample 2. For this, which columns we have to take into consideration to find match and mismatch between two files.

Kindly suggest.

Files contain columns as :

Locus   Genotype    Filter  Ref Observed Allele Type    No Call Reason  Genes   Location    Length  Copy Number CytoBand    Info    Variant ID  Variant Name    % Frequency Strand  Exon    Transcript  Coding  Amino Acid Change   Variant Effect  PhyloP  SIFT    Grantham    PolyPhen    FATHMM  PFAM    dbSNP   DGV MAF EMAF    AMAF    GMAF    UCSC Common SNPs    ExAC LAF    ExAC EAAF   ExAC OAF    ExAC EFAF   ExAC SAAF   ExAC ENFAF  ExAC AAF    ExAC GAF    COSMIC  OMIM    Gene Ontology   DRA DrugBank    ClinVar Allele Coverage Allele Ratio    CNV Confidence  p-value Phred QUAL Score    Coverage    CNV Precision   Ref+/Ref-/Var+/Var- Homopolymer Length  Tiles   Subset of




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