Code for simulation of data sets



I'm reading the paper "Smyth, G. K. (2004). Linear models and empirical Bayes methods for assessing
differential expression in microarray experiments. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular
Biology Volume 3, Issue 1, Article 3." and in section 8 "Simulation Results" the author "present a simulation study comparing the moderated t-statistic with four other statistics for ranking genes in terms of evidence for differential expression." and he adds "Data sets were simulated with 15000 genes, 300
or p = 0:02 of which were differentially expressed.". Now, I'm a beginner in the field of biostatistics/bioinformatics/R so I would like to know if somewhere there is the code to reproduce this method of simulation of data sets to compare statistics, as I would like to learn the implementation details.

Thank you very much for your time.




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