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I want to plot a histogram of my mapped reads to Virus genome. I keep getting the error "but the maximum is currently set at [25000]. To increase this number change
max_points_per_track in etc/housekeeping.conf." even though I had set my max to 50000"

I checked the max with circos -cdump :max but the maximum would not change from 25000. How can I fix this error and plot mapped reads per base?

Thank you for your help

####This is my circos.conf file####

karyotype = EBV_Karyotypes.txt
chromosomes_units = 100000

<<include etc/colors_fonts_patterns.conf>>
<<include etc/housekeeping.conf>>

<<include image.conf>>

default = 1u
break = 1u
radius           = 0.9r
thickness        = 100p
fill             = yes
stroke_color     = black
stroke_thickness = 10p
show_label       = yes
label_radius     = 1.05r
label_size       = 80p
label_parallel   = yes

type       = histogram
color      = black
fill_under = yes
thickness  = 1
file = test.txt
r0   = 0.75r
r1   = 0.98r
min  = 0
max  = 50000
condition = 1
fill_color = eval(sprintf("rdbu-7-div-%d",remap_int(var(value),0,18000,1,7)))


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