Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm now planning to buy a new high-performance computing server for bioinfomatics. I prefer the tower type because the server is supposed to be laid at the corner of our office as we don't have a single computer room.

There are several options for me as follows:

1) Dell T640, with two Intel Xeon 8280 CPU (each 28 cores, 56 thrds, 2.70~4.00GHz)(best tower type of server in market)

2) H3C UniServer R4950 G5, with two AMD EPYC Milan 7763 CPU (each 64 cores, 128 thrds, 2.45~3.50GHz)(though rack type, but a silent cabinet only costs less than 1000 CNY = 155 USD at 2021/07/03)

3) Wait for a tower server to come to market with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon CPUs (especially Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8380) or AMD EPYC Milan CPUs (especially AMD EPYC™ 7763)

I wonder if there are any compatibility issues between AMD cpu and common-used softwares? The AMD seems much cheaper and could leave me more budget for RAM, but compatibility is more essential, right?

Also, have anyone tested computing performance of these CPUs(INTEL 8280 vs. AMD 7742; INTEL 8380 vs. AMD 7763)? Some people said the calculating capability of 2 AMD threads equals that of a single Intel thread.

Besides, is the rack type of server really very noisy?

Thank you in advance for sharing your opinion and your experience.

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