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I used CellPhoneDB package in Linux and I got some results. But, the statistical legend is not clear to me. Is anybody can clarify them?
For more information, this package takes deconvolution data as input and gives ligand-receptor interactions. The molecules on the left side are ligands-receptors. However, I am not sure about the size of the circles and the color range.Ligand-receptor




The legend means that:

  1. The color of the circle represents the effect size expressed as log 2,
  2. The diameter of the circle corresponds to the pvalue as log 10,

For example, a -4 and 3 for each would mean you have an effect size of 1/16 (2^-4) and the p-value is 1/1000 (10^-3)

For what is worth the visualization is quite questionable, to say the least - at a glance it is hard to understand what it shows.

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