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Hello everybody,
when I run CD-HIT-est, after starting the work and the algorithm starts to compare sequences and do some work, it stops the following error message appears (Fatal Error: file opening failed.. Program halted !!).
Here is my script:

module load CD-HIT/4.8.1-foss-2018b
cd-hit-est -i /cluster/work/users/ahmedbar/191129_M01132.Project_Petersen-DNAlibs2-2019-11-06/Contigs_and_scafolds/New_folder/contigs_F-1year-Amox.fasta -o /cluster/work/users/ahmedbar/191129_M01132.Project_Petersen-DNAlibs2-2019-11-06/Contigs_and_scafolds/New_folder/output -M 0 -T 0

I hope that anyone could help me.

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