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Hello ALL! Hope you are having a great new years so far!

I am back again with a question & would be delighted if I can have some help or suggestions (:

I am trying to merge a transcript but it is giving me a few errors.
First I want to say that I HAVE tried a few times before posting to this website

1) tried deleting all uploaded codes/software then I re-installed all programs back on using terminal. The codes included the following:

2) The professor I am taking the class with provided a transcript for us to follow. I followed it to the T, w/o using any paths unless instructed. That codes is:

stringtie --merge -G paeruginosa.gff -o stringtie_merged.gtf assemblies.txt

3) Unfortunately it gives me 2 error msg, which are

Error: cannot find file 'stringtieout/ film_01.transcripts.gtf' and assemblies.txt does not look like GFF!

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Thank in advance (:

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