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I'm fairly new to NGS and bioinformatics... I performed ChIP-seq where I inserted some nucleotides in the E.coli background. I had no problem adding the few nucleotides and create a fasta file for mapping (I download genbank file of the background genome from NCBI and added nucleotides in snapgene and exported as a fasta file)... Now I want to visualize in IGV and would love to add the annotation as well... I had a genbank format that already contained all the annotation information, is there a way to create an annotation file from it? I found I can see the annotation if I directed load the gb file into IGV but somehow in that case my output from MACS2 didn't show up on the track at all (empty on the track)... If I load in the fasta file only, I can visualize the peaks...but then I can't see the annotations. Are there any recommended ways to create a modified annotation file (I only have one long insert in the genome)?

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