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This is just a tiny tutorial on how to build mosdepth on Mac. There is currently no version for Mac available at conda (hope that changes soon), and from what I've read building from source was a pain so far, still these simple steps worked for me (macOS 10.14.6). mosdepth is a wickedly fast tool from brentp for depth calculations (e.g. bedGraphs) starting from BAM and CRAM files.

1. Install the Nim programming language

For this use choosenim via the command:

curl -sSf | sh

The script will instruct you to put the folder that contains the binaries into your PATH.
On Mac this is typically done by putting this into your ~/.bash_profile:

export PATH=$HOME/.nimble/bin:$PATH

2. Get htslib

Either compile from source or get it via a package manager such as conda:

conda install -c bioconda htslib

Be sure it is version >= 1.10 since the current hts-nim (which mosdepth automatically installs and depends on) does not support older versions.
Put the path to the library (lib) folder that contains htslib.dylib into your LD_LIBRARY_PATH, e.g when using miniconda:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/miniconda3/lib

3. Install mosdepth

Get the source, extract it and cd into the folder, then install:

nimble install -y

A mosdepth binary should now be available in this folder.
Feel free to comment if problems come up.


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