Bray Curtis for functional dissimilarity



I need to know how to run a Bray Curtis calculation for functional dissimilarity, including which program to run to actually produce a plot. I'm presuming something like SYN-TAX 2000 ordination can do it, but I'm not sure how to input the variables.

I basically have 100 individuals of two similar species at two different sites; so 50 individuals of one species at one site and 50 individuals of another species at another site. I have measured key morphological features for each individual, totalling 10 measures for each. There are slight morphological changes between species, some morphological traits are more similar than others.

How do I create a visual dissimilarity plot using the data? I'd like something like a scattergram with 2 axes and ideally the scattered plots for each species will separate and group, thus showing the morphological differences between the species. It would be ideal if the output plots were also numbered for each individual to confirm which site they come from.

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