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Hello. I am a medical graduate and I am doing my master in Bioinformatics. I would like to do a paid thesis in a good lab, ideally Machine Learning applied on a biomedical topic (maybe anemias). How could I find paid opportunities?
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Country info may be helpful, as things vary widely by locale. In the US, you're pretty unlikely to find a paid masters program. Maaaybe a tuition reimbursement type deal through an industry position if they've got an education/career development benefit, but even those usually require a few years employment before you can take advantage.

Why would you go for a second degree when you already are getting master's in Bioinformatics? And how do you propose to get a second degree to what most likely would be the same or very similar field? To the best of my knowledge, a natural progression here is to go for a PhD, not another master's degree. And those are not considered "paid degrees" but rather "graduate degrees" that in most cases happen to be paid jobs, or at least degrees where one can apply for a scholarship.

As to getting to do the exact topic in a good lab, frankly it depends on how good you are as a candidate. The narrower your search parameters are, the fewer choices you will have. And even if you find such a good lab that meets your criteria, I am sorry to tell you but they may not be interested in you. Not that I know that for a fact, but it certainly depends on how good a candidate you are, and how well your previous experience and current interests match the projects that are available in the lab.

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