Best method to visualize metagenomic data besides krona?


Hi all,

Just wondering what are the best tools out there (besides Krona, which I don't think is really that great) to visualize metagenomic data obtained from kraken2 output?
Any R packages or other tools that can distill taxonomic info and abundance from multiple samples in a comprehensive manner?

Krona is nice for a quick view of the data but trying to manipulate it or make it look neater is quite difficult and virtually non-existent - especially when combining samples together.

My goal would be to determine abundance of species in my metagenomic samples, compare the samples (i.e. metagenomic communities in different sites), and the main phylums found in each community (i.e. archae, bacteria, nematodes, plant, etc..)

Thoughts? I would like to start this as a discussion and hopefully get some good tips on tools or methods that people have used successfully for this purpose.

Thank you!




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