Ballgown Package of R for the Differential Expressed Genes (DEGs)


Hi, I am running a Ballgown package of R to find DEGs in my samples. I have three samples (b73,f1, and mo17). I have run all the initial commands successfully. I have given the very right paths and I am sure about that. But for a specific command like in below, I am facing difficulty. I have a seprate file by the name of CSV file which is usually edited by the author byself because it contains the information of samples and their characteristics.


results_transcripts <- stattest(bg_filt, feature="transcript", covariate="sex", adjustvars = c("population"), getFC=TRUE, meas="FPKM")


*Error in stattest(bg_filt, feature = "transcript", covariate = "sex", :

There must be at least two replicates per group. Make sure covariate is categorical; if continuous, consider the timecourse option, or specify your own models with mod and mod0.*

Request to you all; Please help if you can! Thanks!



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