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General Summary:

The Microbiome Analyst will be involved with the following activities:

Design, development and deployment of statistical methods and tools for microbiota data analysis from human samples
Standardization, deployment, versioning and maintenance of enterprise grade pipelines and report templates for microbiome data analysis
Processing, quality control and analysis of Amplicon, Whole genome metagenome, Whole transcriptome data from NGS
Internal Research and Development program development for commercialization of microbiome services
Technical support to clients and Business development executives
Documentation support for product development and deployment


  • PhD or MSc with 5 yr of industrial experience esp in genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics of eukaryotes and prokaryotes
  • Background from Statistics, Lifesciences, Bioinformatics will be preferred
  • Experience in DTC lifescience products is a plus
  • Experience in Machine learning and related modeling technologies is a plus
  • Experience in distributed computing (Cloud/cluster) is desirable

Essential Functions:

  • 60% effort: Development and Analysis
  • 20% effort: Designing and Planning
  • 10% effort: Documentation and Reporting
  • 5% effort: Training, Education and Outreach
  • 5% effort: Strategic Planning and Operations

We would particularly welcome candidates with prior expertise in modelling of microbial community dynamics, analysis of shotgun metagenomic data and associative statistics, and practical knowledge on the available resources for microbiological bioinformatics.

Please note that opportunity is for Indians or returning NRIs looking for job opportuntities in India. Job location is Hyderabad, India. Please send your resumes to

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