Any Recommendations For Software For Drawing Plasmid Maps?


I want to draw a picture of a plasmid, something along the lines of this image. i have tried all of the free software i could find does anyone have any suggestions of software that would produce an image this good, preferably free but I'll pay if I have to.




If you're willing to use HTML syntax, you can design something pretty close using  It's free, open-source, and comes with plenty of examples of how to create what you're looking for.  See below for examples:



You got the free Web interface MGV2 which I find really easy to use and gives nice pics. Login as "guest" to give it a try

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Late to the post but........A great, but unfortunately paid option is Geneious. I used that in my thesis to make beautiful plasmid maps.

Gene Construction Kit® (GCK) is a useful tool for plasmid mapping, cloning simulation, and DNA analysis. It has been consistently reviewed as being one of the easiest to use applications for simulating multi-step cloning operations, and offers extensive flexibility in the graphical formatting of DNA sequences - and - generating those colorful, customized plasmid maps seen in publications. You can easily copy and paste graphical maps from GCK to image editing programs, or even create hi-res PDF (Mac) or XPS (Win) exports from within the program.

It's been around since the mid-90's, and was one of, if not "the very first software" for performing these types of graphical manipulations of DNA sequence data.

More information, and a free demo version is available from the website:

Check it out!

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Try WebDSV, it is a free web app, cross-platform, no registration needed, GenBank file format compatible.

Use Mendelgen and it will look even better than the image you shared. Here's an example in normal and dark mode.

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