Yes, regarding the Tissue Source Site (TSS). However, there is '3C', and there are, then, many other codes that relate to breast invasive carcinoma. '3C' is specific to breast invasive carcinoma from Columbia University. Another way to do this is to retrieve just the breast cancer MAF files via the GDC Data Repository: portal.gdc.cancer.gov/repository

Regarding the GC content and histone marks, the GC content information should be available via the UCSC Table Browser, but please do also search for information on how to do this via your web browser of choice. Regarding Encode histone marks, the data is available and here are some informative links:

- genome.ucsc.edu/encode/FAQ/
- genome.ucsc.edu/ENCODE/cellTypes.html
- genome.ucsc.edu/ENCODE/downloads.html
- www.encodeproject.org/chip-seq/histone/


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