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I am trying to setup EC2 Amanzon AWS Rstudio and Linux AMI for scRNAseq analysis, and I am curios to see what sort of set up are sufficient and cost-effective for the bioinformatic use.

For Rstuio, I tried the Rstudio AMI (developed by Louis Aslett )and mainly run Seurat (integration), SingleR(LTLA version), Slingshot and other pseudotimers. Also I run 10X Cell Ranger, Velocyte, Scanpy, and other python packages on E2 Linux AMI. All the data are stored in my S3 and I move my data from S3 to EBS and move back after the analysis is done.

I tried an instance with md5x12large which comes with 48 vCPU, 192Gib, and 2X900GB, and I think I was getting killed by the storage cost.

Anyway, I'd really appreciate if anybody uses E2 AWS could comment on the ideal E2 setup for bioinformatic analysis.


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