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Hi All,

Hope all are fine and Safe.

I am new to this forum. I found lot of experienced professionals who may be able to help me out with my query.

I am desperately in need of an advice to get back to Bioinformatics after a couple of years of experience in Biopharmaceutical industry, worked in molecular biology and protein purification. I have done my Masters in Bioinformatics with Cheminformatics diploma. Due to some reasons i was not able to continue in Bioinformatics filed. But now I am planning to get back in Bioinformatics in full swing. I had started with some online refresher courses a year back and now getting some hands on in Python and R and some updates on NGS technology. I am interested in NGS technology and Machine Learning.So, I would like to know how should i move further to get a good practical knowledge on this. Will doing a Phd in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology help me out so that i can gain back more domain knowledge or is there any other options i can go for?

Looking forward for an advice so that it may help me out to do something i am still passionate about even after so many years of break.

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