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Hello, everyone

I have an issue when I'm trying to draw some lines and text in the output of pheatmap.

For example, I have the next heatmap from the matrix:

a <- matrix(rnorm(100), 10, 10)
     show_rownames = F, 
     border_color = NA, 
     scale = "row", 
     clustering_distance_rows = "euclidean", 
     clustering_distance_cols = "euclidean", 
     clustering_method = "single",
     show_colnames = F,
     main = "Something n")

And then I'm using the next code to add the text:

grid.text("Group A" , x= 0.3, y = 0.01)
grid.text("Group B" , x= 0.75, y = 0.01)


Which prints the text over the heatmap. I need the text to be printed below the plot and then, add some separate lines above the text.
For adding the lines I employed grid.lines. However, it drew me a continuous line.

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