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Hello everyone,

I am a novice in Python and I have been trying to compute the number of A's occurring in 3rd codon position in a multifasta file. I have written the following code but it does not work.

input_file = open('MG1655.FAS', 'r')
output_file = open('A3_counts.tsv','w')
from Bio import SeqIO
for cur_record in SeqIO.parse(input_file, "fasta") :
      A3count = 0
      gene_name =
      sequence = cur_record.seq
      for i in range(0, len(sequence), 3):
             if sequence[i:i+3]=='a':
                     A3count = A3count+1
                     output = '%st%it' % (gene_name, A3count)

Please help me with this problem.

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