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Hello all,

I'm just familiarizing myself with immune cell deconvolution of differential expression data (microarray specifically) and I see that many programs require a purified reference dataset for the immune cells you are hoping to deconvolute. Looking through the various deconvolution programs it seems like the reference datasets are generated from selecting samples off of Geo or other databases.

I was wondering if there exists a standard or regularly employed reference dataset for human peripheral blood immune cells? Maybe something created to compare the various programs? Or must a reference dataset always be a custom affare created by the user for it to be applicable to their data? If so, could you recommend any guidelines for creating ones own reference set?

Finally, as an aside, I am using R 3.6 and tried to download Cellmix, but received the message that Cellmix was not available for 3.6, even though the CRAN states the requirements are R >3.0. Is Cellmix no longer supported for more recent versions of R? Is there is a version for 3.6 ?

Thanks for any help!

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