According to a Central government document, "COVID-19 Vaccines Operational Guidelines", only 100 people per session will likely to be vaccinated as and when the vaccine is available to be administered to the masses. However, the number of people per session may go up to 200 if logistics allow, the government said.

Moreover Centre will give the right to states and Union territories to fix the days for vaccination. "Conduct of the vaccination process will be similar to the election process," the Health Ministry said in the document. 

"Anticipating that COVID-19 vaccine may soon be available, GoI (government of India) is preparing for its introduction in the country so that it can be expeditiously rolled out when available. One of the milestones in this direction has been the constitution of a National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for COVID-19 (NEGVAC). The NEGVAC guides on all aspects of COVID-19 vaccine introduction in India," the Health Ministry said.

"One session for 100 beneficiaries. While most of the healthcare and frontline workers would be vaccinated at fixed session sites, vaccination of other high-risk population may require outreach session sites, and mobile sites and teams," it said in the document.

A vaccination team will have five members - a main officer helped by four others. The main person will be a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or anyone legally qualified to give injection. The second officer will be for security, who will check user registration and guard the entry point at the vaccination session. The third officer will verify documents, while the fourth and fifth officers will be responsible for crowd management and communication, according to the Home Ministry's document.

The 112-page document also contains details about training vaccine workers and keeping logistics in place. The vaccines would need cold storage units to keep them in usable condition.

The government has lined up cold storage facilities with temperatures between 2 to 8 degree Celsius, said VK Paul, who heads the group of experts on vaccine administration for COVID-19 that advises Prime Minister Narendra Modi, news agency Reuters reported.

On the other hand, in view of the anticipated early rollout of Covid-19 vaccines in the country, the Meghalaya government has constituted a State Task Force to ensure inter-departmental co-ordination with all line departments, mobilise resources and follow up on related activities in the state.

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