What happened Shares of Fulcrum Therapeutics (NASDAQ: FULC), an early clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, are rocketing higher after an encouraging clinical trial readout. Investors excited about the company’s sickle-cell disease candidate pushed the stock 76% higher as of 10:35 a.m. EDT on Monday. So what This morning Fulcrum Therapeutics shared data from the company’s first clinical […]

Credit: CC0 public domain Stephan Grupp, MD, Ph.D., Chief and Medical Director of the Cell Therapy and Transplantation Section of the Institute for Cell and Gene Therapy at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital (CHOP) and the first pioneer in cell immunotherapy in childhood. A collaborative team of researchers, including Cancer, recently released preliminary data showing that […]

I’ve seen that HMMER can be sped up with GNU Parallel: Speed of hmmsearch I have around 100,000 sequences and a HMMER database of around 300 HMM profiles. I’m running everything at once but I’m wondering if it’ll be faster to split up the sequences and/or split up the jobs. There’s a few ways to […]

(VIANEWS) – CRISPR Therapeutics AG (CRSP), LG Display Co, Ltd AMERICAN (LPL), DENTSPLY SIRONA (XRAY) are the highest sales growth and return on equity stocks on this list. Here is a list of stocks with an above 5% expected next quarter sales growth, and a 3% or higher return on equity. May these stocks be […]

Manual annotation of cell types in single cell RNA-seq 1 I have recently started working with scRNA-seq data. I am following the tutorials by the creators of Seurat. In the final section titled “Assigning cell type identity to clusters”, the authors mention that Fortunately in the case of this dataset, we can use canonical markers […]

Crispr Therapeutics AG (CRSP) is near the top in its industry group according to InvestorsObserver. CRSP gets an overall rating of 46. That means it scores higher than 46 percent of stocks. Crispr Therapeutics AG gets a 74 rank in the Biotechnology industry. Biotechnology is number 103 out of 148 industries. CRSP has an Overall […]

How to compare alignments(SAM/BAM files) aligned to different references? 0 I have two BAM files which are the output of alignments from two different references. I want to compare two BAM files with some criteria in order to check the difference between the two references. What is the appropriate way to compare the two alignments(references)? […]

William Blair analyst Raju Prasad maintained a Buy rating on Rocket Pharmaceuticals (RCKT – Research Report) today. The company’s shares closed last Monday at $33.63. According to, Prasad is a 4-star analyst with an average return of 11.5% and a 50.5% success rate. Prasad covers the Healthcare sector, focusing on stocks such as Global […]

Alignment using bwa-mem2 0 Hello I need help in aligning the sequence with reference using bwa-mem2. I used the following code: bwa-mem2 mem -t 8 gch38.fa DE98NGSUKBD117612_1_1.fq DE98NGSUKBD117612_1_2.fq > d3_align.sam I got the following error: ERROR! Unable to open the file: gch38.fa.bwt.2bit.64 There is no gch38.fa.bwt.2bit.64 file. I have the following the reference indexes: gch38.fa […]

JMP Securities analyst Silvan Tuerkcan maintained a Buy rating on Crispr Therapeutics AG (NASDAQ:) on Friday, setting a price target of $160, which is approximately 16.09% above the present share price of $137.82. Tuerkcan expects Crispr Therapeutics AG to post earnings per share (EPS) of $10.01 for the third quarter of 2021. The current consensus […]

SRA splitting for each metagenome-assembled genome 0 Hi everybody, we obtained viruses from water and sequenced them with Illumina. we formed different metagenomic-assembled genomes and get a Bioproject number and Biosample numbers (for each of them). Now, i should do SRA submission. But i cannot submit for my all genomes with my raw data (paired […]

Gene read count-level batch correction in scRNA-seq? 0 Hi, I’m working on the integration of several scRNA-seq datasets. After trying Seurat v3 and Harmony, I realized they outputs dimension reduction matrix rather than correct read counts, therefore not suitable for some downstream analysis on gene-expression level. I wonder if there are any software that can […]

I have a count matrix from an RNA-seq experiment that I’d like to normalize using DESeq2 and perform DE analysis on. My code is below: dds <- DESeqDataSetFromMatrix(countData = cts, colData = coldata, design= ~ condition) My experiment is performed over two time periods, week1 (with treated vs untreated) and week2, (untreated vs untreated). Samples […]

Brian May has criticised Eric Clapton’s anti-vaccination stance, labelling people opposed to vaccines as “fruitcakes”. READ MORE: “There’s a lot of nice nostalgia there”: Brian May celebrates 50 years of Queen by taking us through his personal photo album… in 3D! The Queen guitarist was speaking about Clapton’s refusal to perform at venues restricting audiences […]

align using file.ht2 1 now i downloaded in my terminal indexed file of UCSC hg19 and when i uncompress it , i found two files genome.5.ht2 genome.8.ht2 and every time i want to align my samples at indexed file this error show up [e::bwa_idx_load_from_disk] fail to locate the index files command exited with non-zero status […]