Amid reports of US-based vaccine manufacturing company Pfizer refusing to deal with Punjab, Delhi governments to provide Covid-19 vaccine doses, the comapny on Monday said it will supply only to central governments.

"Pfizer will supply COVID-19 vaccine only to central governments and supra-national organisations for deployment in national immunization programs. Allocation of doses and implementation plan within a country is a decision for local governments based on relevant health authority guidance" the pharma company said in a statement.

Supra-national entities include the World Health Organisation (WHO) which is co-leading the COVAX vaccination programme to provide doses to low-income countries.

"Pfizer's discussions with the Government of India are ongoing & we are hopeful to bring the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for use in the country," it added.

The announcement comes after Delhi government said Pfizer has refused to sell vaccines to the state directly as it wants to directly deal with the Centre. Earlier, Punjab Nodal Officer for vaccination Vikas Garg, had said COVID vaccine manufacturer Moderna has refused to send vaccines directly to the Punjab government stating that according to their policy, they only deal with the Government of India and not with any state government or private parties.

"We have spoken to Pfizer and Moderna for vaccines, and both the companies have refused to sell vaccines directly to us. They have said that they will deal with the Government of India alone," Delhi CM Kejriwal said.

"I appeal to the Centre to import vaccines and distribute them to the states. We have lost a lot of time. We need vaccines at war footing," he said.

Kejriwal also claimed that the Delhi government does not have medicines and injections for black fungus treatment. "We have made dedicated centers for Black fungus at various hospitals. But we do not have medicines and injections. We need at least four injections per day per patient. The Centre is providing us with injections used for treating black fungus but there is still a shortage. We require 2000 vials per day. But we receive 400-500 vials per day," he said.

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