With the calendar flipping over to 2021, there are a handful Current Procedural Terminology changes worth noting for radiology practices, experts reported this week.

In particular, the code for low-dose lung cancer screening (G0297) has been replaced by new version: 71271. This will have some financial implications for diagnostic radiology providers, with the replacement assigned a 4.8% higher relative value unit, consulting firm Healthcare Administrative Partners noted in its coding blog Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the global RVU for 71271 is 36% lower. Yet, thanks to revaluation of the conversion factor, the pricing for the professional component “increased only slightly,” while the global value decreased 38%, HAP noted.

Other modifications include new codes for breast CT, while codes for ultrasound study follow up (76970) and red cell survival study (78135) have both been deleted. Much of this, however, will have “minimal” effect on diagnostic radiologists’ daily work, the firm emphasized.

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