Why is anthropology a humanistic and scientific discipline?​

Create a timeline using illustrations and text showingon how elements form with the concept of atomicnumber.​

hi weebs recommend a you know to watch​

a senator delievers his privilege speech during thier last session.​

Define the role of people in preserving the forest​

a Define the role of people in preserving the forestwhat​

how matter changes through heat​

Explain or state briefly the rule or reason for your answer.1. Juan, a seller, agreed to sell to Pedro, a buyer, his only car for P500,000 00, deliver

y of thecar and the payment of the price to be made on June 12, 2009. Suppose Juan delivered thecar on June 12, 2009 but Pedro failed to pay the price, what are the remedies of Juan?​

Based on that images, what could be improper? Are you happy with what you see or experience in nature? How will you organize or improve the environmen

t that you belong to? ​

1. With the reproductive technology available today, women need not worry about infertility. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Pr

ovide evidence to support your answer.​

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