What does the term electroporation mean?


Transfection is the process, by which a purified and free nucleic acid can be inserted inside the eukaryotic cell which helps to alter its cellular property.

Answer and Explanation:

Electroporation or electropermeabilization is a technique that increases the cell membrane permeability by applying an electric field. This range of electric fields should be above the electroporation threshold value.

The electroporation technique is a biophysical process that is widely used in the field of Microbiology. Using this technique, scientists can transform bacteria, yeasts, and protoplasts of a plant. This technique allows the cells to introduce chemicals, new coding DNA, and drugs. In this technique, the plasmids present in a mixture are separated and transferred into the bacteria. Electroporation is one of the highly efficient techniques used for the insertion of foreign genes into the culture cells (mammalian cells), used in gene therapy, cell-based therapy. This technique is also useful for cell fusion and it is also a useful tool used for the transfection of adherent cells with the help of the electroporation cuvettes and gene study.

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