In the war against coronavirus, rapid vaccination is being done across the country. For this, it is mandatory for people to register on the CoWin app. However, if you have received your vaccination certificate but see an error on it, you will now be able to correct it through the CoWin portal.

The government has announced a new update that enables an applicant to correct any inadvertent errors in name, year of birth and gender printed on the CoWIN vaccination certificate.

The CoWIN vaccination certificates are used at the time of travel and helps in the access of several other premises.

"Now you can make corrections to your name, year of birth and gender on your Cowin vaccination certificates if inadvertent errors have come in," the official handle of the Aarogya Setu app tweeted on Wednesday.

So let us tell you how the error can be corrected on the Cowin portal

To make the process seamless, a special feature called 'Raise an Issue' has been added to CoWin platform, said the Union health ministry.

How can I rectify a mistake?

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Sign in by entering your 10-digit mobile number

Step 3. Enter the 6-digit OTP received on your phone

Step 4. Click on Verify & Proceed

Step 5. Go to Account Details

Step 6. If you are vaccinated, you will see a "Raise an Issue" button. Click on it

Step 7. The portal will ask you "What is the issue?" Under "Correction in certificate", click on the error that you need to get corrected

After this, a user can update their information. They will be able to get an error-free certificate after verification of details.

It is to be noted that the certificate can only be edited once.

Do not share vaccine certificate on social media

Cyber Dost, an organization working under the Ministry of Home Affairs, has tweeted and advised people not to share vaccine certificates on social media. Cyber Dost has tweeted and said that the vaccine certificate include information like name, age and gender and the date of the next dose.

Sharing this information on social media can cost you dearly. Cyber thugs can use your information to cheat you. Therefore, do not share the vaccination certificate on social media.

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