Non-EU workers, many from African and Asian countries, as well as those working in the health and catering sectors, must now prove that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to renew their work permit.

A recent update by the Health Ministry indicates that some of the third-country nationals in Malta need to also include Coronavirus vaccination proof in health screening paperwork required for work permit renewals. 

Only Malta-issued COVID-19 vaccine certificates are being recognised as valid for these permit renewals.  

Health screening is a mandatory prerequisite for work permit renewals for anyone who was either born or lived for at least six months in a country deemed a very high risk for tuberculosis.

The list of high-risk countries includes several Asian and African countries as well as some of the Caribbean and Pacific states. 

Screening is also mandatory for non-EU citizens working in the following professions, irrespective of where they come from: food handlers, doctors, dentists, midwives, nurses and healthcare professionals, carers, child carers, dental chairside assistants, nannies, beauty therapists, tattooists, masseurs and masseuses. 

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