Transdermal Electroporation Course for Face and Body

Transdermal Electroporation Course is one of the newest and fastest growing globally treatments for face and body.
We cover the core knowledge behind the treatment followed by extensive practical training to ensure that all our students are fully competent and can safely and effectively curry our Transdermal Electroporation treatments for Face & Body.

Transdermal Electroporation treatment

During the Transdermal Electroporation treatment, the application of electrical pulse momentarily disrupts the cell membrane allowing entry of a chosen product. When the pulse ceases, the membrane returns to its original structure leaving retained product that has been penetrated into the interior of the cell for immediate results.

  • This treatment is holistic approach to treat FACE, BODY & HAIR conditions, like acne, age-related changes, wrinkles, lack of elasticity, discolouration, redness, hyperpigmentation, cellulite, scars, stretch marks, or hair loss.
  • Intensive skin nourishing, hydrating, brightening, lifting, strengthening the internal skin structure.
  • Immediate effect after just one treatment thanks to advanced technology awarded the Nobel Prize.
  • This is safe non-invasive painless skin therapy without side effects or a long period of recovery.
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NB: We expect students to have read the course materials fully prior to attending the onsite course.

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