Propose: Standard electroporation and electrochemotherapy caused the endothelial cell permeability and reduction in tumor blood flow. The effects of low voltage and high frequency electroporation on the endothelial cells permeability and viability were expected. Therefore, the propose of present study was to evaluate the effect of electroporation with bleomycin or alone on viability and permeabilization of human Embryo microvascular endothelial (HUVEC) cell line.

Material and methods:

The HUVEC cells were exposed to 4000 electric pulsed with 100µs duration, 50-150 v/cm with increment of 10 v/cm in 4, 5 and 6 kHz frequency (33 experimental groups) and then uptake and viability reduction was measured in each group.


The results of this study demonstrated that electric pulses alone reduce the cell viability and with bleomycin significantly increases the toxicity to endothelial cells.


Our data indicated that low voltage, high frequency ECT is highly cytotoxic for a HUVEC cell offers a possible effect of antivascular actions of this kind of electrochemotherapy.


Electrochemotherapy; Electroporation; Endothelia cell; High frequency; low voltage.

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