The effects of point-source electroporation on the blood-brain barrier and brain vasculature in rats: An MRI and histology study



Pub Date : 2020-03-31

, DOI:

Shirley Sharabi; David Last; Dianne Daniels; Sigal Liraz Zaltsman; Yael Mardor

When applying electroporation to the brain, it is important to understand the effects on the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and brain vasculature. Here we studied the effects of point-source electroporation on rats’ brains as a function of time from treatment using conventional contrast-enhanced MRI and treatment response assessment maps (TRAMs), enabling depiction of subtle BBB disruption and differentiating contrast agent clearance from accumulation. Effects on vessels were also studied using Lectin staining. The TRAMs revealed that conventional contrast-enhanced MRI underestimates BBB disruption volume by nearly a factor of two, and that despite significant enhancement on standard MRI immediately post electroporation, there was no contrast accumulation in the tissue (clearance was faster than accumulation). Histology revealed significant increased vessel coverage in the treated striatum (40±24% p


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