Membrane proteins are the major component of plasma membranes, and they play crucial roles in all organisms. To understand the influence of the presence of KcsA channel on cell membrane electroporation induced by picosecond pulse trains (psPT), in this paper, the electroporation of KcsA membrane protein system and bare lipid bilayer system (POPC) with the applied psPT are simulated using molecular dynamics (MD) method. First, we find that the average pore formation time of the KcsA system is longer than the bare system with the applied psPT. In the KcsA system, water protrusions appear more slowly. Then, the system size effects of psPT in the MD simulations are investigated. When the system size decreases, the average pore formation time of small KcsA membrane protein system is shorter than the bare system with the applied psPT. It is found that the psPT makes the protein fluctuation of small system increase greatly; meanwhile the instability of protein disturbs the water and then affects the water protrusion appearance time. Furthermore, it shows that the protein fluctuation of constant electric field is smaller than that of psPT and no field, and protein fluctuation increases with the psPT repetition frequency increasing.

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