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The ‘dirty dozen’ – False claims against vaccines

Anti-Vaxxers have emerged from the extreme end of the Homeopathic-Aryveda medicine doctrine and believe only in plant based product in contrast to modern Allopathic medicine. They are fundamentally opposed to all vaccines and are well-funded, some financially motivated and armed with a plethora of false Anti-vaxx claims called “The Dirty Dozen”.

Their crafty strategy is throwing out numerous dubious, dishonest assertions and mud, with a hope that a few might stick. While the majority of people easily discover that most are false, and will consider the others they are unsure about as lies too, unfortunately, some people are caught by just one of the (12) Dirty Dozen, which targets and touch their personal fears, anxieties or religious beliefs.

(1) Covid-19 vaccine Sterilizes black women. This false A-Vax tactic is commonly used, with AIDS, then Polio vaccines in Africa, both with deadly consequences. A-Vax videos spurting sterility first appeared as early as April 2020, six months before any vaccines were created. People might try for years before a diagnosis of infertility, so how could sterility be proclaimed in only three months after the approval of the vaccines.

(2) It has a CHIP to track you. Each vial has 10 doses, so there must be 10 chips in a vial? Does a nurse have to carefully extract each chip or can all ten chips slip into the first dose? This is aimed a privacy.

(3) Virus is Activated by 5-G. A-vax assumed Aluminum, an old vaccine adjuvant would be used in these vaccines. They claimed this creates a human metallic antenna inside your body. Unfortunately, there was no aluminum, and SVG has no 5G.

(4) It has the Mark of the Beast (MOB). This claim started 220 years ago with Smallpox vaccines. It intensified when the first black surgeon at Harlem Hospital (Harvard Medical Graduate -1915) Louis T. Wright, improved smallpox vaccination for soldiers during World War 1. Later a two prong scratch left a small discernable mark on forearms also called MOB. The current MOB claims are a Right Wing-Q-Anon’s creation, targeting the black community.

(5) They claim it’s no good for the elderly (over 65’s) nor the vulnerable: On-the-contrary, asthmatics, hypertensives, diabetics, those with heart disease, sicklers, arthritic & elderly all have a dull immune system and are more vulnerable to the virus
(6) Vaccines change your DNA. Vaccines do not have live covid-19 virus. Material never enters your cell’s nucleus, and it only produces spike protein temporarily for a few hours, but still triggers a desirable protective antibody response.

These first six assertions have preyed on people’s deeper fears; the next six simply ignore the facts.

(7) The vaccine was produced too hastily and not tested long enough: This is a major claim, but after 18 Billion spent, and 176 research laboratories involved globally, a mere handful of vaccines emerged. Each successful vaccine underwent strict, transparent four phases of trials, including pre-clinical and animal phases. Each stage was assessed by independent scientists and the critical final Phase-3 trial, used to determine safety and efficacy. During this pandemic, vaccines were placed at the front of the drug assessment line. One Nobel Prize winning mRNA Technology which started since 2005, had produced a ZICA Vaccine in 2018. Another Adenovirus Carrier Technology used by AstraZeneca, Sputnik and Johnson & Johnson, started since 2013, had created an Ebola vaccine in 2019, and was already in full use in Guinea. It was simply a matter of substituting Corona Virus spike protein material for the ZICA or Ebola and these new vaccines were successfully created just in time. The similarities to the emblematic immoral 1932 Tuskegee Syphilis trial and the New Zealand women’s cervical cancer trials, both examples of egregious blatant racism, where trials were extended for years when treatment was available is quite gleaning. It is also unethical to extend these Covid-19 trails for years just to see if any dirty dozen claims arise, when the successful vaccine results are so overwhelmingly beneficial. Deliberately prolonging the pandemic and denying treatment to billions of people is tantamount to a Tuskegee-12.O.

(8) It has bad ingredients (False). In 2001 ingredients like: theromosil, aluminum, egg protein (none ever proven unsafe) were removed from vaccines. AstraZeneca contains essential amino-acid Histidine but no foetal cells or live C-19 virus.
(9) Positive tests are inflated as the PCR test is flawed: They make this ridiculous claim that the man who invented the PCR test in 1992, said it should not be used to test for Covid-19. Unfortunately, he died Aug – 2019 five months before the pandemic, and could never have made such a statement.

(10) The pandemic is a hoax, it is no worse than the annual flu and 99.9% of people recover. Global Covid Deaths of 2.2% (2.7 Million), is greater than five years of flu deaths combined. People do not completely recover and two months after testing positive, 32% of Asymptomatic Covid cases develop long term effects of chronic fatigue, headaches, Shortness of Breath, brain-fog, loss of taste and smell, frequent serious clotting episodes, pain in fingers, new-onset diabetes and heart-myocarditis, due to internal organ damage. These are referred to as LONG COVID, which could be life-long but vaccination might significantly diminish these symptoms.

(11) The Alarming number of global deaths is deliberately inflated (False). Does anyone really believe Russia, India, Brazil, China, Iran and the USA are in a global conspiracy? The deaths are real.

(12) Vaccines won’t stop us wearing masks, nor can they prevent transmission so what’s the point vaccinating? Why would anyone tell you, don’t wear masks in the midst of a Pandemic? Real-World-Data now show AstraZeneca is 94% effective and 68% reduction in transmission. Vaccinated persons can create their own bubble in the work place and at home with no masks needed and ultimately, 70% vaccination nationally can create heard immunity and help get us back to a new normal.

By Jerrol Thompson

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