President Samia go against Magufuli anti-vaccine policy

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President Samia go against Magufuli anti-vaccine policy

Tanzania President Samia Suluhu don lead oda goment officials to receive di covid-19 vaccine.

President Suluhu vaccination mark di official launch of nationwide campaign wey intend to vaccinate at least 60 per cent of di kontri.

Di move na u-turn from di road wey her predecessor, John Magufuli - wey be coronavirus doubter - bin dey follow before e die.

For March, di kontri official media announce say na heart problems cause im death.

Di former president bin no believe say vaccines dey do pesin good for bodi, and so e no gree Tanzania to collect vaccines use do vaccination campaign.

Wetin don change under di new president?

For di ceremony wey launch di kontri vaccination rollout, President Samia ask all Tanzanians to get vaccine, say di kontri "no be island."

She allow international organisations and foreign embassies to import vaccines for dia employees for June.

Tanzania also apply to join di global Covax vaccine distribution programme, wey allow dem to collect di first batch of one million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine wey di US doment dash dem on 24 July.

But no be say President Samia don always get complete trust for vaccines.

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Presdent Suluhu ask all her kontri pipo to try take di Covid-19 vaccine

For May, she show doubt about vaccines, when she tell Muslim officials say she don record down all dia fear about vaccine safety and say her goment no just accept "efritin wey dem bring to use or do efritin dem tell us".

"So, even on dis issue of vaccines, we go satisfy ourselves before we decide say we go use am ot not," she bin tok.

Some follwers of di former president still say dem no go use vaccines.

For example, evangelical preacher Josephat Gwajima, who be member of parliament, don claim - even though e no bring evidence - say vaccine fit affect DNA of human beings.

Advice from two presidents: New vs Old

Di new president say she gree say di virus dey circulate and make pipo follow Covid-19 precautions like:

  • hand-washing
  • using masks
  • social distancing

For June 2020, afta di first wave of di pandemic, President Magufuli declare say di kontri no get coronavirus again, and refuse to ask kontri pipo to wear masks.

"I believe... say God don eliminate di coronavirus disease," im tok.

Oga Magufuli also promote as treatment/solution:

  • prayers
  • physical fitness
  • steam inhalation
  • herbal remedies

Although e be like say president Samia support some of wetin im former oga advice.

She say pipo no suppose dey discouraged to use nose draw steam because e fit help for early stages of infection.

E no dey right "totally rubbish and say no" to herbal melecine.

"If you feel say steam inhalation go help you, go do am," President Samia tok.

"If you feel say one particular drug go help you, do am."

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To dey draw steam from inside big box like dis follow for wetin Magufuli say fit tackle Covid-19

Medical evidence no dey say steam inhalation na effective remedy against Covid.

Oga of Tanzania Medical Association Shadrack Mwaibambe say goment no suppose dey tok about dis tins "because we [di authorities] don decide to follow science".

On 21 July, di health ministry say dem get 682 Covid-19 patients for hospitals and say 29 don die.

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