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13 Ans: 2) Competent bacterial cells and a transformation method( heat shock or electroporation) Explanation: - The pre requisite for bacteria to undergo transformation is it's ability to take up frview the full answer

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Question 13 To transform recombinant plasmid into bacteria, you need: O 1. Bacteria cells O2. Competent bacteria cells and a transformation method (heat shock or electroporation) 3. Horizontal gene transfer method
Question 14 What is transformation? O 1. Process of entry of the DNA into cells O 2. Modification of the DNA 3. Modification of expression of a gene
Question 15 The primasome in DNA replication contains: O 1.dnaB (helicase) dnac dnaG (primase) O 2. dnaA and dnaB O 3.dnaB and RNA primers
Question 16 DNA is always synthesized in a 5'to 3' direction. True False
Question 17 What is recombinant DNA? O 1. DNA multiplication 2. Association between vector (plasmid) and foreign DNA (insert) O 3. DNA modification

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