India is experiencing a record high of Coronavirus cases and fatalities per day. The medical infrastructure is nearly collapsed with the acute deficit of oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, ventilators, etc. Lifted by the plight of the Covid-19 pandemic, a young and versatile social activist Mr. Sitaram Poswal has donated a sum of INR 11 Lakhs amid the shortage of medical necessities and life-saving gas to the Rajasthan Government.

"The seriousness of the situation cannot be neglected and despite pandemics, I'll try my best to provide resources as much as I can," said Philanthropist Mr. Sitaram Poswal. 

To make Rajasthan pandemic free, Mr. Sitaram Poswal, Founder of PG foundation, is urging people to participate in the largest vaccination drive. Also, in the pandemic, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram becomes the primary source of information.

Mr. Poswal is using every means possible to educate and aware people of wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and following corona guidelines along with informing the pros of getting vaccinated through different social media platforms. 

As the Covid-19 pandemic is on the surge, the Rajasthan government administrations are fighting against it and various civil societies are raising funds to aid the hospitals, individuals, and the government in the proper procurement and distribution of medicines, oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, etc. 

Mr. Poswal stated, "These are the tough times and I hope by appealing, we can all show the way to our emotions to turn into actions and fight this pandemic."

The situation in Rajasthan is expected to be stabilized in the upcoming weeks, however, we need to follow Covid-19 guidelines issued by the government and step on adequate measures to cope with Covid-19.

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