Combine the DigiStim Stimulator and the ELectroPORATOR to form a flexible single cell electroporation system


Single-cell Electroporation is a flexible method to transfect individual cells in cell culture or tissue.

  • Transfect individual cells for GFP expression
  • Target single cells for optogenetics, etc.
  • Deliver macromolecules, including DNA, RNA, dyes and proteins
    into cells
  • Stain cells to study their morphology


The ELectroPORATOR is an amplifier providing voltage pulses of up to 100V and current pulses up to 10mA which are timed and shaped by an external function generator or data acquisition system. It features offset and capacity compensation and a classical headstage. An audio monitor for electrode resistance, current or voltage is useful for approaching cells and completes the functionality of this instrument.

The combination with ALA’s DigiStim Waveform Generator forms a fully independent single cell electroporation system.

  • Voltage up to 100V, current up to 10mA
  • 3 current and 3 voltage ranges
  • Audio monitor for resistance, voltage or current
  • Offset compensation for voltage operation
  • Offset and capacity compensation for current operation
  • Footswitch, pushbutton or TTL trigger for DigiStim or data acquisition system
  • Classical headstage for electrode fixation

With DiGiStim

  • Program any arbitrary waveform e.g.square, sine, ramps, any combination
  • Program, store and recall your pulse protocol with DigiStim
  • Recall protocol stored on the DigiStim independent of a PC


DigiStim: 2 channel USB based multifunction waveform generator

ELP-02D – Single-cell electroporator

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